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"There is no way I can truly measure the impact that this weekend will have on me. I am certain it will reverberate for a long time in ways I will observe and ways I cannot. The most beneficial thing for me personally is that you’re loving your entire self into all training in this retreat. You are excellent at connecting with us deeply while also managing boundaries. Your energy is intuitive and conscious , and I feel the universe channeling itself through you."

"It's outstanding how you focus and resonate with both my light and dark parts. I hope this continues to be a part of everything you do; you are a source of healing. The retreat was well organized and you used the space in your home quite well. You made us feel at home, and it was evident you and your family coordinated expectations and boundaries beforehand.  Everything we needed was easily accessible, including you."

"The retreat is the perfect location. You give a piece of yourself  to each student. You know what each one needs and you have a way of knowing them, to find it within our self.  It just seems like you hand picked each one of us."

"My favorite, absolutely most valuable thing you said all weekend was 'Don’t leave yourself.' This is my new mantra and I valued that you connected this to the psychology of the Chakras for us. Thank you for going first, and for being brave to do the work that benefits us all. You are a role model and a facilitator of how to do the work. How blessed to be in this training with you!"

"The entire weekend was a dream. It was everything I hoped for and more. The schedule, class, lectures , and setting were absolutely perfect and made this an experience I will never forget. I loved that we were able to practice outdoors. I felt that this was a great way to connect with nature and show gratitude to our amazing earth. Thank you for letting me be nothing less than myself and the ability to be comfortable in my skin around people. you and all your work are truly a blessing in my life that I am so grateful for."


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