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Yoga Camping Weekend Retreat!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!


This is not just for teachers!  After seven months of intense building of the retreat center, we opened it up to a group of past teacher training students and teachers from the Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi.  We gave them the complete retreat experience.  Their job was to anonymously critique everything about their experience.  From all their loving feedback we will make any necessary improvements.  We will constantly be updating the space in Decatur, Texas to make it the most enjoyable and comfortable space for our guests.  


This “test” retreat that you will see pictures from was not advertised at all.  Each person was personally invited.  They also paid for the retreat.  We had people from Atlanta, Houston, Harlingen and mostly from Corpus Christi, Texas.  This particular retreat was called a yoga camping weekend.  Many of the participants brought their own tents.  We set up a large yurt (tent) for those who were new to camping.  They simply walked in and had an air mattress with a sheet and their name on it.  In the future, we will offer 3 tents and limit personal tents.  Participants were given names and numbers of local hotels.  A few of the guests stayed in hotels.  The hotels are approximately 20 minutes from the retreat center.  We have an outdoor shower with hot and cold water.  A posh port a potty and handwashing station were brought in.  They had a special tent set up as a changing room.  There was another large tent set up as a “hospitality center” where spa water, bottled water, towels, note pads and other nice to have items were available. 


In the future, we will be making the weekends into full Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200- and 500-Hour tracks where you can attend at least 9 of them to receive your Yoga Alliance Certification from our Yoga Alliance School, principal office located in Corpus Christi, Texas.  You would not have to be a part of the teacher training program to attend.  All retreats will be offered to all levels, from beginners to advanced students.  Everyone will feel welcome.  


We will update our website and social media with the next date for teacher training.

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